Employability and green skills project

‘’I’ve learnt about the effects of greenhouse gases and how certain industries and businesses are reducing their carbon emissions

The course has made me more confidence and motivated. I feel I will definitively be more diligent to look for green jobs. : Fahad 23


 My knowledge of fair trade means that I’m not questioning where my clothes, food and general items come from.  

I’ve learnt how to work in groups and to get more from team work by exchanging knowledge.

My skills and knowledge has improved in the areas of personal development, presentations skills,

on sustainability .I enjoyed the trip to Milton Keynes to see the eco homes’’ : Raymond 22


‘’I enjoyed the programme because it was made up of various elements of sustainability and climate

Change. I also enjoyed learning about fair trade and, social enterprises .I will be interested in setting

my own green recycling social enterprise after the programme’’ : Benedicta  20


Rokeby school green life skills programme

‘’ I’ve learnt that by taking sustainable actions we can reduce climate change ’’  

  Nagaarjun 14 years from Rokeby school

‘’ This project has made me think about how many resources we consume, and destroy, and how  much waste we produce,  making the planet  unsustainable ‘‘    

 Venkata 14 from Rokebsy school.


‘’ I want to make others realise that climate change is affecting the world we live in and global warming is very serious. I now know that sustainable development is about conserving resources so that precious things like rainforests stay." 

 Prashanta Ray 15 Prefect from Rokeby School


 Faith and Climate Justice Project

I’ve also learnt that you don’t have to be Christian to help others in need .I know now that we can unite people of all faiths and non faiths to act on climate change .I’ve also learnt that Buddhists believe in wholesomeness and mental balance. Protecting the environment is a priority for Buddhist believers’’     

Daniel 14 years from Rokeby school


‘’I understand that we need to deal with poverty as part of dealing with climate change. I am now aware that there are many faiths who tackle poverty in poorer countries and they are united on this issue’’

Abdul 14 Rokeby school

“I’ve learnt how different faiths all have a common purpose and common goals. I’ve also learnt how different faiths deal with conserving and protecting the environment’’

‘’I am now aware of different ways of getting people together to deal with poverty and ways of stopping climate change’’

Gerri 14 Rokeby school