Strategic drivers

Direction and development of our Change programme will include:

  • Partnership and Collaboration: This will entail working with key sustainable development and climate change agencies on a pan London, European and International level. Key to the success of the Sustainability4Youth will involve developing good practice, sharing of information between agencies and a common structural and delivery framework.  The engagement of lead professionals driving the strategic partnerships & capacity building work to be key to the attainment of specific targets and outcomes.
  • Listening to young people and their families: This would lead to developing an inclusive programme involving and engaging key target groups in the design and delivery whilst promoting common values behaviour and life style changes necessary to adapt to climate change and reduce green house gases and carbon emissions.
  • Young people as sustainable environmental champions: Resources should be targeted to train young people to become green social entrepreneurs, sustainable green champions and climate change ambassadors. As green leaders, young people acting within neighbourhood forums can support community action in a number of ways, help to increase energy efficiency in homes, help to increase recycling rates, facilitate low carbon lifestyles and establish sustainable development neighbourhood youth forums. 
  • Local structures: We aim to develop sustainable development forums and universal services closer to the communities working with Local Area structures, developing local services to increase inclusion, access to provision and responding to local needs.
  • Tackling anti-social behaviour, crime, social and physical improvements in neighbourhoods. This will be done through the sustainable self ,sustainable communities   and sustainable environment agenda  designed to bring about community cohesion and quality of life  changes within local communities
  • Tackling worklessness and social exclusion: We will strive to create education, training and employment pathways for NEET young people through accredited routes of learning and work placements through employer’s engagement signposting and referring young people to work agencies and further education and training where necessary.
  • Targeting resources: We will ensure the partnership approaches will guarantee cost effective delivery outcomes, improve efficiency and value for money and enable us to generate more funding from a variety of local, national and transnational sources. We will meet needs of young people in creative and innovative ways through social media, ICT, the Creative and performing arts and through multimedia programmes.
  • Evidence-based approaches: We will use data and information to support innovation, have robust system of performance management ensuring services are cost effective and that the outcomes meet our specifications and the aspirations and expectations of young people and their families .We will also use statistics and data collection to inform our planning and delivery cycle to predict future levels of demands and needs.