We work with local communities to achieve the following goals:

  • To provide an educational programme to local communities on climate change and sustainable development in the areas of sustainable self, sustainable communities, sustainable income and sustainable environment.
  • To work with a range of employers, green businesses ,training and employment providers to create volunteering opportunities  and work placements ,careers paths and jobs in the sustainable development and climate change sectors  ,the low carbon and green economy and in the community development sector.
  • To engage young people and their families in practical learning and skills programmes aimed to increase social & community development and management and human &environment resource development and management.
  • To work with a range of statutory, voluntary and corporate partners to develop awareness of benefits of sustainable development the causes and effects of global warming; to put systems in place working with  communities to find solutions to adapt and mitigate against climate change  and reduce green house gases and carbon emissions in line with the UK Climate Change Legislation .
  • To develop a range of training materials and curriculum to promote our practice to market and promote our services, programmes & activities to the communities in the UK and beyond.
  • To carry out on –going market and action –research on climate change issues checking public opinion and attitudinal and behaviour changes with respect to consumerism and consumption, energy savings and efficiency and  research and to improve on  the uptake of services, activities and opportunities provided by other agencies including those in the mainstream sectors in the UK
  • To work with young people on an individual level to support them to difficult stages of adolescence and creating the opportunities for them to be engaged in the system as an alternative to anti-social behaviour and crime
  • To organise European Youth exchanges and International exchanges to promote the aims of the project and create mechanisms for knowledge transfer programmes.
  • To develop pilot projects of excellence for sharing of good practice with local, European and International partners and to create effective methods of communication and knowledge transfer methods using social media, film, ICT and other forms of interactive and multi – media tools.