GLE/LDA Employability & Greenskills Youth Programme
Trip to Westbury farm Studio - Milton Keynes Construction of an eco village - Milton keynes

GLE/LDA employability and green skills youth project
This was a pan London project involving 16 unemployed people (19-24 years).The aim was to make them aware of the new learning opportunities  in the low carbon economy and what knowledge and skills  are required to progress into further education, training and employment. By taking part in this programme, participants would broaden their career options and life chances in the green industries and be inspired to set up their own green social enterprises.  

We ran workshops on the threats and opportunities presented by climate change and provided participants with information  and an overview on a range of green industries which included the renewable industries (wind turbines, solar energy), electric cars, the Built environment (all low carbon design and energy efficiency systems), We invited training providers who ran workshops on eco-Fashion/marketing /promotion, ethical trade and social enterprises to encourage young people to develop their own green social enterprises. We organised visits to a sustainable centre to attend a workshop on carbon auditing, organised a visit to Milton Keynes to attend a workshop on sustainability and the construction industry and visited an eco village to look at what materials are used in the construction of an eco home and how energy efficiency measures can help to reduce green house gas and carbon emissions. We ran one to one and group sessions to empower participants using a Personal Development programme to help course participants develop, motivation , confidence and self-esteem  and sustainable and life skills in preparation for the world of work. Participants were also given space to review how transferable skills can be put to use when considering different career options.


  • Personal Development Action goals increased participant’s motivation, confidence and Self-esteem .Participants learnt to work in groups and developed a range of social, communication and technical skills.
  • Participants were given exposure to the future green industries, green social enterprises and allied skills sectors .Out of 16, 5 were keen to progress to get work in these industries.
  • We supported participants in the planning and identifying education and training routes to future green industries, training colleges and volunteer work placements.
  • Out of 16 people, 2 young people got full-time work (not in the green industry), 4 went on to further education and 5 moved on to training schemes. Two young people have now started their own social enterprises.
  • Participants were given opportunities to take up part-time employment in the third sector.
  • Young people were given certificates of participation to acknowledge the learning and progression


‘’I’ve learnt about the effects of greenhouse gases and how certain industries and businesses are reducing their carbon emissions .The course has made me more confidence and motivated. I feel I will definitively be more diligent to look for green jobs.’’   Fahad 23

My knowledge of fair trade means that I’m questioning where my clothes, food and general items come from ‘’  I’ve learnt how to work in groups and to get more from team work by exchanging knowledge. My skills and knowledge has improved in the areas of personal development, presentations skills, on sustainability .I enjoyed the trip to Milton Keynes to see the eco homes.’’ Raymond 22

’I enjoyed the programme because it was made up of various elements of sustainability and climate change. I also enjoyed learning about fair trade and, social enterprises .I will be interested in setting my own green recycling social enterprise after the programme.’’  Benedicta  20