Demands for Services

The wider context
The demand and supply aspects for green jobs ,green services and a transformation to a  ‘green culture’ can  be brought about through new Government initiatives such as the Green Deal combined with the right skills strategy to create a comprehensive  and sustainable green growth policy. This could mean the implementation of a green jobs strategy that aims to stimulate the economic recovery as well as tackling climate change. In creating ‘green growth,’ it is however important  to consider  how grassroots activity can advocate for fairer growth and a more equitable labour market‘ green economy’ .We are mindful that disadvantaged and communities  living in poverty are disproportionally affected by climate change and  the green economy can therefore provide better opportunities for those groups including those currently under-represented in the workforce – including young people, those with fewer skills or qualifications and the long-term unemployed.

The local context

  • At the local level ,we feel the priority is a need to promote public awareness by implementing an educational and skills programme in local communities  to give them the wider  social and economic benefits of a  transformed and sustainable environment that preserves and enriches our social, economic & environment assets .In addition to creating awareness, this programme  will  encourage the integration of sustainability into the home, work & neighbourhoods .The net result of these actions will improve the localities and living conditions and offer protection and  enhancement to the environment thus contributing to the reduction of green house gases and carbon emissions in  the atmosphere.

    Our  consultations with local residents also point to the need to design and create  local programmes with built in incentives and measures  to save  money and resources .This is one way  to engage and involve local communities in grass roots activities  and for them to ‘buy into a greener  and sustainable life style’ agenda. Young people we work with are keen to develop green life and transferable skills through knowledge transfer programmes, aiming to set up their own green social enterprises and intending to become climate change champions within their communities.

    In addition to promoting public awareness ,we have identified the following needs within the East London area :-

    • There needs to be more social and community cohesion programmes embedding sustainable development concepts   involving young people from London’s diverse communities.
    • There is huge potential for capacity building and partnership work between, green businesses , third sector  and training providers to address youth unemployment ,social exclusion  and crime  through  sustainable development and climate change accredited programmes , the provision of new green skills and entry into the low-carbon and environmental goods and services’ sector 
    • There is a need to work with private businesses and to promote green corporate responsibility and corporate action to benefit disadvantaged communities. 
    • We have identified the role of the social media, the Arts ,film and music as ways to engage young people  to increasing climate change awareness  and provide them with  knowledge and skills, 
    • Sustainable development and climate change European youth and Commonwealth exchanges should be encouraged and promoted to enable young people to network  and to carry out joint programmes

Target Community and Geographic coverage
Our target community is young people 11-25 years in the UK. The projects also aims to work with family networks as part of improving communication between young people and parents to address the wider socio-economic issues of employment and worklessness, crime , anti-social behaviour and community cohesion . Although our organisation is based in Newham, the Sustainability4Youth will develop pan London projects across London partnering with European and International agencies working towards common agreements and a common framework to tackle climate change and promote sustainable development locally and globally.

Consultancy & Training

We offer  bespoke consultancy services in the areas sustainable development and climate change covering:-

  • Project design , innovation & management;
  • Training and development for young people ;
  • Staff development and training ;
  • Empowering young people to advocate for change through Forum work, mentoring, youth leadership  and community champions;
  • Supporting young people to become green social entrepreneurs;
  • Development and delivery of curriculum using informal learning.
  • Working in schools, Sixth Form colleges and in partnerships with other statutory and voluntary organisations.
  • Engaging young people using ICT and action-research, the performing and creative arts, film, music technology.

If you are interested in any of these services, please go to our contact page