About Us

The project was established in June 2008 by a group of volunteers from the LB of Newham. (Survey)
We were inspired by the vision of the Olympics in the delivery of the green games and the construction of the Olympic project. This project incorporated many sustainable features and sustainable design elements in the physical infrastructure, in the Built environment and the surrounding landscape to meet the challenges of sustainable development and climate change. Besides the immediate benefits of the social and economic regeneration, the Olympic legacy would include the knowledge transfer of sustainable development principles and practices to local communities and the acquisition of new green skills for young people to get work in the low carbon economy.

Rationale for establishing our project:

  • A gap exists in the delivery of front line sustainable development and climate change family programmes in East London and an analysis of the threats and opportunities it presents.
  • The absence of community development learning strategy at the grass roots focusing on sustainable development and climate change.
  • The need to consult and involve young people in the design and delivery of local sustainable development practices and to share best practice with UK, European and transnational partners.
  • The need to influence sustainable development youth policies and practices in Youth services and the third sector.
  • To need to work with local businesses, local authorities to provide young people with new learning opportunities and skills for them to progress into the green economy and into the sustainable development industries. Examples of sustainable development, concepts, practices and skills that can be derived from the design of the Olympics and surrounding park  is how to prevent flooding by designing wetlands ,planting trees to cut down pollution and reduce urban heat, the use of waterways to transport goods ,the design of eco homes to increase energy efficiency and reduce wastage.
  • The need to create incentives and opportunities for communities to get involved in programmes to develop awareness, develop local sustainable solutions and green life skills, some of the measures to tackle climate change and reduce our carbon footprint.


  • We are a registered charity (charity No. 1125852) and a company limited by guarantee (company no: 7679254) .We are governed by 3 trustees who between them have a portfolio of working in the ICT industry, in management and in running their own business.
  • Staff: We are a staff team of 1 full-time co-ordinator and 2 part-time youth workers .We have a team of 4 volunteers who come from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. We are all CRB checked.
  • Sabino Miranda, the founder and Creative director has 24 years of youth work experience working in different London boroughs of Islington, Newham and Waltham Forest. Sabino has also in worked in the third sector as a fundraiser and in the Food industry in quality control.